Strategy Statements

Strong Organizations

Even though a teacher often is the messenger of the yoga teachings, our focus does not stop there. We believe the quality of an organization both informs and reflects the quality of its teachers. Therefore, we look to support projects led by skilled teachers who are supported by the greater infrastructure of a strong organization.

Underserved Communities

By underserved communities, we mean those people who, because of permanent or temporary limitations characteristic of their life situation, whether they be, for example, physical disabilities or financial constraints, are unable to attend, but would greatly profit by, regularly scheduled public classes. 


Quality Teachers

To us a quality teacher has these six characteristics. She/he 

a. has studied formally for a minimum of 200 hours in a credible teacher training/advanced studies program sponsored by a respected yoga school. 

b. meets the needs of and has the ability to gain the trust of his/her target community 

c. has experience working with a wide range of students, and some training and/or experience working with and adapting the teaching to the target population 

d. is actively engaged in on-going training, either in a regular public class or in periodic workshops with an experienced teacher. 

e. exemplifies the values important to traditional yoga, such as truthfulness and patience and sympathy, and treats her/his students accordingly 

f. has a strong desire to expand the reach of her/his teaching to include ever wider circles of students in the immediate Bay Area and beyond.