Niroga Institute

Niroga Institute brings Transformative Life Skills (TLS) through yoga and meditation to vulnerable children and youth who have been abused or neglected, homeless, delinquent or incarcerated, as well as seniors, cancer survivors and people battling addiction. Through our Yoga Corps, a team of over 120 certified yoga teachers trained to serve vulnerable populations, Niroga provides services to several Bay Area counties, transforming lives and healing our communities.

We are currently teaching 100 yoga classes each week in juvenile halls, schools and alternative schools, homeless shelters, cancer hospitals and rehab centers, serving over 4,000 people annually. We are also systematically training people of color to become certified yoga teachers so that they can teach yoga with cultural sensitivity. Our programs are widely viewed as a front-line prevention and early intervention strategy for health, education and violence prevention.

With Yoga Dana’s support in 2009, Niroga brought 15-minute in-class yoga and mindfulness practice to over 45 students in 3 classrooms twice a week in an inner-city alternative high school for youth deemed at-risk for not completing their education, with a third of them on probation and 100% gang involvement. As part of the same grant, Niroga brought 1-1/2 hour yoga classes twice a week helping develop self esteem in a group of young women in an after school program. Niroga provided a workshop for teachers and staff at this same school as well. Additionally, Yoga Dana funds helped enable a summer program with a week-long focus on yoga for 360 students at 5 elementary schools in Oakland.

Niroga Institute has been a grant recipient of Yoga Dana Foundation since 2009.