Instructions for Applying


Yoga Dana Foundation invests in teachers who have demonstrated a deep commitment to yoga and the sharing of its teachings and benefits, especially with communities and populations that are commonly underserved. The Foundation sees yoga as a time-tested discipline of proven effectiveness for all people, regardless of gender, age, or physical condition. Through practices like asana (posture), pranayama (conscious breathing), and meditation, it helps us cultivate a clear-sighted and compassionate understanding of both our inner self and the world around us, and so live our lives with intelligence and joy. The Foundation values excellence and expertise in the following:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Proven Instructional Know-How
  • Passion for and Dedication to Bringing Yoga to Underserved Communities
  • Demonstrated Ability to Execute Programs Effectively

Yoga Dana Foundation believes that long-term relationships with grantees are the most effective, but does not commit to any extended period of funding other than the year in which funding is awarded. Each applicant, whether new or returning, is reviewed equally each grantmaking cycle.


For unsolicited inquiries: 

Please complete the Letter of Intent (LOI) in detail, but as concisely as possible. Assuming Yoga Dana Foundation has sufficient funding available, LOI applicants who best meet our criteria and further our mission will be invited to complete a grant application. 

For invited applications:

Applicants will receive separate instructions at the time of your invitation. Selected first-time grant applicants will be invited to share their project in person with our Board of Directors, after which point final awardees will be selected. Unfortunately, Yoga Dana Foundation is unable to cover the applicants' cost of travel to meet with our Board members. Please refer to the following calendar for deadlines and for the general timeline of this process.

Application & Grantmaking Calendar :

New Applicants                                                                                         Dates                           

Letter of Intent Completed and Sent                                                      By July 15th               

Invitation to Complete Grant Application Issued                                   On August 1st                                                                               

Grant Application Completed and Sent                                                 By September 1st          

Invitation to Meet the Board Issued                                                       On October 1st                                                              

Meet the Board Members                                                                      In November

Award Letters and Checks Issued                                                           In December


Returning Applicants                                                                              Dates

Progress Report Materials Issued to Applicant                                       On June 1st

Progress Report Completed and Sent                                                    By September

Award Letters and Checks Issued                                                          In December